Bruce Hieronymus
Boca Raton, Florida

Although Bruce was born on an Air Force Base in Alabama during the late 1940s, he always refers to Ohio as his beloved homeland.  His father retired from the Air Force in the early 1960s and they moved to Cincinnati where Bruce and his sister attended Finneytown High School.  After graduation, Bruce went to Ohio State, obtained his degree in Computer and Information Science and worked in Columbus until late 1983. Bruce's early computer assignments were with Ohio State, Xerox and EDS before he went to work for IBM in the late 1970s.

Bruce began his music studies in the late 1970s with George Haddad, the Artist-in-Residence at The Ohio State University in Columbus and studied with George until late 1983 when IBM transferred Bruce to Boca Raton.  After early retirement, Bruce returned to studies at Florida Atlantic University and was soon offered a Graduate Assistantship by the Music Department and he secured his Master of Arts in Music and his Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Studies in the Arts and Humanities.  During  his time at FAU, Bruce studied piano with Dr. Irena Kofman and conducting with Rebecca Lautar and Dr. George Sparks.

Dr. Bruce Hieronymus

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